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I have worked as a journalist and more recently have been turning back to the fiction writing that I enjoyed so much as a kid.

I spent a decade as a reporter/photographer for a number of newspapers including the Socorro Defensor Chieftain (Socorro, NM), The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH). Being a is one of the greatest jobs one can ever have as long as you’re not in it for the money.

Most recently, I have been rediscovering how much I love writing fiction and have started a site with my daughter Jamie, who is a visual artist, to each take a look at a creative prompt and come up with our own take. Please visit Songs of a Befuddled Muse [www.befuddledmuse.com] and let us know with your comments what you like or don’t like there.

Direct links to my stories on Songs of A Befuddled Muse

The Big Gumshoes
A Clown receives a gruesome package of jelly beans in the mail

Queen of the Mallows
A time traveler obsessed with the Nine-Days Queen

Curved Space
How pizza is delivered to the crew of a damaged space ship

Heart’s Desire
President Clinton wins at poker with Old Nick

Pea Soup
A man finds himself betrayed by a crooked prosecuter

A Sticky End
An astronaut has an unexpected bonding moment with a robot

Below are links to a couple older stories.

Hug Me, Daddy
A man meets his very long-lost daughter.

The Sea Mistress
A man explores the edges of reality and magic