2019 Parade The Circle Stereo Photos

Cleveland has a well-earned reputation as a center of arts and performance with a world-class art museum, a world class orchestra and a famously creative theater district. For thirty years, the city has hosted an event called Parade The Circle in the University Circle area which features kaleidoscope of music, dance, costume and performance. Prior to the event, I had the change to take stereo photographs of the artists and volunteers who put the event together. These photos are found here: a href=”http://cohenkiraly.com/2019/05/26/parade-the-circle-2019/”>Parade The Circle Prep and on June 8, I brought my stereo rig to the main event and took the photos you see below: Special note, my daughter interned with the event and appears as a fox with butterfly wings and a guitar and my wife is in a costume with a large purple head and purple dress. My long-time friend Spike Radway is the “Hip Cactus.”


Universal View (left-right-left)

[How to Freeview 3D photos pikespeakphoto and studio3d]

Anaglyph Images

Sometimes the Red/Blue glasses can sap the color from images but this is still one of the most widely available ways to see them.

2D Images

Note that the 2D images don’t always have the same impact as the 3D views.

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