Eastern Pennsylvania Wandering Tour

After a work trip to Olympus North America in Central Valley PA, I took the long way home and wandered through Bethlehem, Hickory Creek State Park, the Poconos and Hazelton, PA.:

  • Bethlehem PA where the world’s second largest steel plant, now decommissioned and open to tourists, welcomes visitors. While there, I had a free-ranging conversation with Rachel Lussier (www.rachellussierart.com) an artist captivated by the equally beautiful and ugly decaying Hudson-Mason Trestle. Visit her site to see some of her amazing work.
  • The Sonorous Stones of Ringing Rocks Park The only state park I’ve ever visited where they encourage you to bring a hammer and whack the boulders to make them ring. (not pictured)
  • Hickory Creek State Park which contains a huge boulder field. I tried to turn back in my Honda Fit when the road in got rougher and rougher and the GPS said “turn off paved road.” It was worth the visit though and I think I got some great shots there.
  • The Lehigh Millennium Folk Arch, a bizarre, wonderful art installation hidden in the woods of Lehigh University, all the more fun because it too seems almost, but not quite abandoned.
  • Eckley Miner’s Village, an old coal miner’s village where you can learn about how the 19th and 20th century coal miners lived. Though originally slated for demolition, this village was saved when it was used and restored as the set of the 1970 Sean Connery film The Molly Mmaguires


Universal View (left-right-left)

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