2019 DiscARTed Recycled Art–Geauga County Park District

Art show in a nature center–I didn’t expect much. Boy was I wrong.

The Geauga County Park District held their third annual discARTed Recycled Art Exhibition of art created with recycled materials. There were over 200 pieces of unique,  creative, innovative art made from what would have been landfill. Many were very clever and amusing, a few extremely beautiful.

I hope my 3D photos below give you a glimpse into the quality of this work though they don’t do it justice. It my my first real test of new cameras to use for 3D photography and one big take-away for me was that I have a lot more filing to do in the basement to allow my brackets to properly align the two Nikon CoolPix cameras. While the cameras performed admirably, there is some misalignment on some of the images that can be a little hard on the eyes but the pictures are still worth seeing and the exhibit is definitely worth visiting. It it up until April 15 and contains over 200 pieces. See this link for details: https://www.geaugaparkdistrict.org/activity/special-events-art-shows/


Universal View (left-right-left)

[How to Freeview 3D photos pikespeakphoto and studio3d]

Anaglyph Images

2D Images

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