Hallelujah! StereoPhotoMaker Feb 2019 Update

I have gotten so used to having Stereo capabilities taken away from me piece by piece, it is something of a shock to have new functions added and a much mourned loss repaired.

In the February 2019 update of StereoPhotoMaker, the freeware powerhouse program for working with stereo photos, creators Masuji Suto and David Sykes have added a few features that will dramatically ease preparation of high-quality images. Several new color and tonal editing features and updated color controls will save hours exporting my left and right pairs to Photoshop, editing them, re-importing them, then re-assembling the stereo pair. Now we can edit curves and levels directly in StereoPhotoMaker. For specialty needs, I may still use Photoshop but for lesser adjustments, this will be really, really really nice to have, especially since you can edit the right and left images either together or one at a time.

The location of StereoPhotoMaker’s new and updated color tools
The level adjustment dialogue box

But, the real joy for me is that they edited the back-end 3D rendering so my Nvidia shutter glasses work again! When I first installed Windows 10 in 2015 or 2016, the glasses worked with StereoPhotoMaker. But somewhere early on, Windows Updated and the Nvidia driver updated and they removed “Quad Buffering” from the driver which disabled using SPM with the shutter glasses. You could get around it by rolling back your Nvidia driver to a really old version (sometimes), by using 3DComposer, a now defunct and no longer usable and less capable 3D editor or by getting a passive row-interlaced 3D monitor. I tried all three options with varying degrees of success. But I missed the sharpness and the beautiful, clear color I got with my Nvida 3D-Vision shutter glasses.

Me in my happy glassesSo I am very happy SPM adjusted its Page-Flip mode rendering so they work again!

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