SpikeBot: The Party! Costume Design Party

Spike Radway as SpikeBot

Images are in Anaglyph form requiring blue-red 3D glasses and in “Universal” view which is left-right-left format suitable for free-viewing.

Spike Radway holds a yearly party where guests come to build their own Halloween costumes and decorations or just to socialize. This year, I visited with my 3D rig and made 3D photos live throughout the party. It was also a great chance to (partly) successfully try out using flash with my 3D cameras.

Universal View (left-right-left)

[How to Freeview 3D photos pikespeakphoto and studio3d]

Anaglyph Images

1 Comment on "SpikeBot: The Party! Costume Design Party"

  1. Great pictures Bill. I love the scary one of Janet Dodrill. Looking forward to the filming of the SpikeBot from the Richmond Heights Lagoon!


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